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days later, they moved to ▓the Fragrant Hills, making it the seat of the CPC Central▓ Committee at that time.During the tour, Xi first vis▓ited Shuangqing Villa, where Mao Zedong had worked and ▓lived, and then walked to another nearby pla

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ce, whe▓re other members of the older generation of revolutionaries Zhu De, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai and Ren Bishi had worked and lived.After that, at a revolution▓ary memorial museum, he visited an exhibi▓tion on the history of the CPC Ce

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ntral Committee during that period, watching documentaries and reli▓ving the history of how the CPC Central Committee moved into Beijing in 1949.The Fragrant Hills was the headquarters for the CPC to win the War of Liberation and t▓he N

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ew Democratic Revolution, and a symbol marking the shift of the focus of China's revolution from rural areas to cities, Xi said.Commemorating this part of history is to strengthen confidence in the path, theory, system and culture of so

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cialism with Chinese characteristics, to embolden ourselves to carry out the great struggle with many new historical characteristics, and to overcome any diffi▓culties ahead, Xi said.He also stressed the need to ▓always have the wholehe

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arted support of the people, to always maintain close ties with the people and to always fight to realize the aspirations of the peopl▓e to live a better life.The CPC members sh▓ould always maintain the enterprising spirit, ensure the P

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arty's purity and advanced nature, and pass t▓he test of the new era, Xi said."Looking ahead, China has a very bright prospect for development," Xi s

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aid. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina on Friday showed its support for en

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terprises purchasing soybeans, pork and other agricultural products from▓ the United States, signaling that such deals will be exempt from addition

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al tariffs imposed on U.S. goods.Trade gestures a hopeful ▓sign for new China-U.S. trade talksTrade gesture▓s a hopeful sign for new China-U.S. trad

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09:27 BJTChina on Friday showed its support for enterprises purchasing soybeans,

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the Unit▓ed States, signaling that such deals will be exempt from a▓dditional tariffs imposed on U.S. goods.This is yet another gesture of goodwill from th

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, further demonstrating its sincerity in res▓olving the trade issues between the two sides.Within the space of two days, China and the United States have taken a series of positive steps in preparation for a new round of trade talks scheduled for early October in Washington D.C. To begin with, China announced an initial list of U.S. product▓s that will be exempt from the first round o▓f additional tariffs. The U.S. then followed up by delaying additional tariffs on Chinese go▓ods which were due

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to be implemented on October 1. China then announced that it would exclude purchases of certain a▓gricultural products such as soybeans and pork from▓ its a

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dditional tariffs on U.S. goods. This positive interaction shows that the two sides are trying to meet each▓ other half way and making efforts to address eac▓h other's core concerns so as to create favor▓able conditions for new talks.China and the United S▓tates are the two largest economies and so inevitably any economic and trad

e issues be▓tween the two sides will be complicated. To resolve them, sincerity, goodwill and practical action are needed. China resolutely opposes any escalation i▓n the current trade war. It hopes t

hat under the guidance of the consensus reached between the two h▓eads of state at their meetings in Ar

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